How & Why

In journalism, the Five W's (also known as the Five W's (and one H), or Six W's) is a concept in news style, research, and in police investigations that are regarded as basics in information-gathering. It is a formula for getting the "full" story on something. The maxim of the Five W's (and one H) is that for a report to be considered complete it must answer a checklist of six questions, each of which comprises an interrogative word:

Who is it about?
What happened (what's the story)?
When did it take place?
Where did it take place?
Why did it happen?
How did it happen?

I used it in different way to explore people and nature.


Why do stars twinkle?
Answer is here.

Then the next question will obviously be
Why do stars twinkle while planets do not?
Answer is here.

  Why boiled egg become solid state after boiling?
It is the protein in the egg that makes it hard when boiled. Read more here.
  Why do people drink alcohol?
No matter where you go, you likely notice there is always alcohol around in a social setting. Many homes today have bars, others have at least a couple of bottles on hand for their own use or to make sure they can put together drinks when company shows up.

But, why do people drink alcohol?

Research has shown that the number one answer to this question is what you probably would expect, socialization. Many people drink as their way to fit in with others. It often boosts their confidence and helps reduce stresses they may usually have in a social setting.

The next highest reason many people drink is because they like the taste. Be it someone with a love for beer or mixed drinks, they seem to enjoy the taste.

Next, people drink to relax, or feel at ease. One of the problems with this is that many people get used to feeling at ease and relaxed and start to rely on alcohol to make them feel that way on a daily basis.

To get a buzz or get drink are the next reasons many people like to drink, followed by drinking out of peer pressure.