Alcoa DBA Picnic at Garchumuk on 19-Jan-2008



Garchumuk is an ideal picnic spot in Howrah District, located just before the confluence of Bhagirathi and Damodar rivers. This place is also called Atanna Gate, where 58 lock gates have been placed. Boat riding facilities are available. Accommodation is available in the nearby small huts.

Garchumuk is situated 60 km from Dharmatala. Gadiara bound buses take one to the Atanna Gate stoppage. One can also reach Uluberai by train from Kharagpur and then take local transport to Garchumuk.

The ALCOA DBA Team visited Garchumuk on 19th January 2008. The bus started from TCS office at 9:00 and reached Garchumuk at 12 noon. The breakfast was ready at the guest house where two rooms were reserved for taking rest and  keeping belongings. Cricket match started soon followed by lunch with unlimited mutton and other delicious cuisines arranged by the same guest house. After taking rest for a while all went for a hour long boat riding keeping Mama and Abhisek on the bank (they have "fnara" from water). Evening coffee was served from the guest house and after a small fun performance all headed to sweet home.

(Added on 03-Feb-2008)