A Bengali Film with English Subtitle

Raj Basu

presented by
Bengali Association of Pittsburgh

April 19, 2009 (Sunday) 2:00 PM
Graduate School of Public Health Auditorium (Hall G23)
University of Pittsburgh. Fifth Ave. Oakland, Pittsburgh, PA
(Opposite Children’s Hospital)


Piyalir Password, the first Bengali film shot entirely in USA, is about corporate conspiracy and medical ethics set in the Biotechnology industry of USA. It is a story of conspiracy, search for truth, love, trust and betrayal. It has an international cast of actors from India, USA, South Africa, Russia and other nations.

The film is presented by Bengali Association of Pittsburgh (BAP) on April 19th, 2009. There was a huge turnaround for the movie. It is an electrifying thriller which deals with deep rooted corporate corruption and greed shadowing the research and clinical testing of drugs. The scenes are visually stunning  and the music is superb. The show kept the spectators glued onto the movie screen. Director Raj Basu was present at the show and at the end he addressed the audience answering their queries. BAP concluded the event by distributing sweets and neemki to everybody on the occasion of Bengali New Year.


           Raj Basu


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Event Photos (19-Apr-2009)


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